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Tipcee Invites You To Her Album Launch At The WareHouse

Afrotainment’s female star, Tipcee is prominent as the life of the party and a vibe on wordplay when given an instrumental and now she releases her debut album Tipcee the snyper.

Her freestyles have become an attraction amongst dancers and propelled the star into a popular figure in her community.

In 2009 Tipcee marked her spot in the music industry and began her pursuit of a professional music career. Shortly thereafter she met Umlazi-born hitmaker, DJ Gukwa, who has produced several hits under DJ Tira’s record label, Afrotainment. After recognizing her potential, Gukwa introduced Tipcee to Tira who immediately got her into a recording session birthing the hit Amadada.

Tipcee has since featured on songs with prominent South African artists such as Busiswah, Distruction Boyz and DJ Tira on Iscathulo, as well as Madness with Distruction Boyz.

en years later, Tipcee is ready to take shots at any and everything in her way.

Her moment has arrived with the release of her debut album Tipcee The Snyper where she opens up with Ematarven featuring TNS, setting the tone for 15 more tracks showing variation and growth in the artist’s career.

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