Top 5 Most Stylish Male Musicians In 2019

In an age where trends tend to dominate men’s fashion, the perennially stylish gentleman always stands out.

As trends perish, the ability to consistently emulate stylish and well-executed looks should never be underestimated. While there may be no singular route to style, there are several habits of stylish men which do ultimately showcase a tendency to go about dressing and grooming in specific ways. From clothing maintenance to investing in classic staples, here are ten habits of every stylish man.

Here’s to style inspiration.

Over the past couple of years, South African musicians have been slaying with their drops. We officially have some of the coolest music across the globe right. The slaying hasn’t only been in music, more stars are realizing that image also plays a huge part in their artistry.

1 Theo

2. DJ Tira

3. Prince Kaybee

Alert! Prince Kaybee Is Set To Drop New Visuals

4. NaaqMusic

5. Black Coffee

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