Watch! Mampintsha Breaks The Silence On His Sudden Weight Loss & Black Twitter Reacts

Watch! Mampintsha Breaks The Silence On His Sudden Weight Loss – The Twitter streets can be brutal, assumptions, rumours and speculations can be a dish served hot for celebrities and it sometimes hits home.

The controversial Kwaito artist, Mampintsha was trending recently following visuals of him dancing away made several rounds on social media. In the video according to Tweeps, it appeared as though he was holding his pants firm by fixing his hands inside his pockets.

Mampintsha INTENDED for the video to be entertainment through his dance moves, Tweeps could not help but zoom in on his emaciated-looking self.

Numerous Tweeps proposed that this can be a result of illness, that could conclude in Him losing so much weight and end up looking so thin.

Mampintsha has come to set the record straight, explained this hurtful rumour concerning his sudden weight loss.

He began with shooting straight, emphasizing that those that hold the belief that he is sick are entitled to their own opinion, he will not be phased but their rants. It may happen it is their own cry for salvation and help. In laymen’s terms, they are merely projecting their own misery.

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