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Simphiwe Dana Reveals Her Concern As A Mother For Her Daughters

Simphiwe Dana Reveals Her Concern As A Mother For Her Daughters – We all want our kids to be strong, to have the strength to endure tough time and to be able to rise up to any challenges in life.

How do you toughen up a child the right way without breaking their spirit?

If your goal as a mom or dad is to have a strong, emotionally healthy daughter, it won’t be helpful to protect her from every obstacle she faces. Confidence is nurtured by having our kids face adversity.

No parents want their little girl to get hurt, or to try hard at something and fail miserably. But when we honestly consider our own strengths — the character qualities we’ve forged over the years — we recognize that they’ve developed and strengthened because of a struggle we’ve endured. Overcoming failure teaches us and our kids resilience and perseverance, and it is through failure that God helps us mature and grow our trust in Him. Don’t prevent your daughter from growing by overprotecting her.

Simphiwe Dana took to social media to share a lovely image of her and her daughters, with a profound caption.

This is what the caption had to say:

Mother! It gives me nightmares. Their wellbeing that is. And it’s just me

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