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Top 10 Things You Might Have Not Known About Mlindo The Vocalist 2020

Things You Did Not Know About Mlindo The Vocalist – Mlindo the vocalist – whose real name is Lindokuhle Magedezi – is a vocalist born in Port Shepstone in the KZN.  

  1. His career was established following his viral visuals on social media of his talent he was scouted and unearthed by our own successful powerhouse DJ Maphorisa. And in this union, he has released a smash hit “Amablesser”  that has touched the lives of Mzansi. 

2. He felt overwhelmed by Johannesburg the first time he came.
“I was in Joburg before, when I worked with other artists, but it was still a big experience for me to take in. I am used to it now but it can be really easy for it to feel like it is overcoming you. It’s so busy.”
Mlindo stated the customs and fast-paced lifestyle of Joburg is a distinction to his hometown, although he has learnt to adjust rather hastily.

3. When he reaches the peak of his career he wants to advance into a business Mogul, Mlindo the Vocalist prophesied to his future and the next goal is to establish an empire such as that of DJ Tira’s Afrotainment.
“In three years I want to be the youngest Tira. I want to own my own record label and entertainment company. I want my name to be respected in that way. I am working hard for that goal and studying the music business as much as possible.”

4. Amablesser was inspired by a true love story of his own.
“I never thought that it would be this catchy. I was just writing a song about a breakup and the pain of losing love. I wrote the song like three years ago when a girl left me for a blesser and so when Maphorisa asked me if I wrote my own songs, I pulled out the lyrics.” Reflecting on the inspiration for the song Mlindo said he was heartbroken when his significant other decided to leave him for a blesser.

5. Prior to his breakthrough, he was about to obtain his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Zululand. But dropped out this year and was doing my final year.

6. He stems from a musical family
Mindo’s family is musical, particularly the paternal side, a family of musicians, how great. He explicated that this, in the beginning, his family was unsettled concerning his pursuit of music, like most black parents it was rather fitting to be educated than anything else.

7. He doesn’t write his songs, he freestyles It’s amazing to realise that Mlindo The Vocalist does not write his lyrics but rather freestyles, how talented. He has a rich lyrical content foundation in his album, profound and touching on social issues.

8. In 2010 he joined a hip-hop group by the name of Flow Riders 
where his attention was attributing on the hook of the songs they created. In 2013 he then established his own acapella group titled “White Bread” which did exceptionally well and went on to win numerous awards including a competition called “Search for the stars” which was hosted at uShaka Marine world.

9. His favourite song on his new Album is Emakhaya
“Emkhaya’ is number 2 on the track list, hence he named the album “Eamakhaya.”

10. Mlindo has 13 siblings from his father’s side and four from his mother’s side. He started making music at age 16.

You can check him out oh his Social media accounts:

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