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Amanda Black Release’s Sparking New Music Video “Ndizele Wena”

Amanda Black Set To Release New Visuals For Her New Album “Power” – Amanda Black took back her power with new album “Power”

Multiple-award-winning singer, songwriter and performer Amanda Black recently released her highly anticipated sophomore album, Power.

The album boasts 13 tracks that see Black taking her place among South Africa’s most creatively assured, distinctive and formidable artists. Black was discovering that the road to becoming a full-time artist wasn’t easy – even one marked by commercial and critical success straight out of the gate.

Black never expected she’d have to expend so much energy standing up for her artistic rights after she’d become one of South Africa’s most popular and awarded artists. There was even a moment when she thought, ‘what am I doing this for? The music industry is not what it looks like from the outside.’ 

Now, after all that, Amanda has blessed us with visuals, executed with intriguing aesthetics that speak the volume of love in her track “Ndizele Wena”. Her vocal delivery is soothing and powerful as per usual and matches the style in the month of love.

Check the visuals below:

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