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Zonke Does A Good Deed For A Student In need

Zonke Does A Good Deed For A Student In need – Any celebrity can write a check for a good cause. But which celebrities stand for something beyond some typical good philanthropic PR?

What kind of person can be so generous to give their source of nourishment away when they need it most to another person? Human beings can be selfish and stingy: “Why should I give my food to a stranger when I worked for it? If I do give my food, why should I give it all?” It is hard to believe such people existed since we find it rare to come across people who give to their fellow humans as Zonke did. It is the stuff of mythology, but they show us the level a human being can reach if they try. 

When Bubu Sithole, who is a student, tweeted her pain of being denied registration because she owed R29 000, singer Zonke was moved to action.

Bubu, who is a student, detailed her situation in a tweet, saying she had been rejected by NSFAS twice, despite providing proof that her mother was dead and father was living with a disability. 

She tweeted: “I’m currently packing my bags and going back home because I have outstanding fees and can’t register. I owe R29k & they want 17k for me to register provisionally. I was rejected by NSFAS twice in a row even after I sent them my mother’s death certificate and my dad’s disability papers.”

Zonke replied, asking if she had already left, so she could assist.

“Have you left yet? Please let me help you stay in school,” she wrote.

Soon after, an emotional Bubu wrote an update, saying the singer had paid her outstanding registration fees.

@ZonkeMusic Paid up my fees guys.

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