Meet the Electrifying Afro-House Duo from Alex Supreme Rhythm

From Gomora to the World, Afro House duo Supreme Rhythm plans the rep their hood on the international house music stage.

Gomora is a versatile township known for many wonderful things. However, an aspect of the township that is usually overlooked is the music. Many iconic musicians and sounds are from this vibrant and lively kasi.

To attest to the musicality of Gomora is Supreme Rhythm who are well known for their skills on the decks and their constant serve of hypnotic Afro Soul House tunes. The duo is made up of Katlego Reginald Ndou who goes by the name DJ Mreja and Thabo Maluleke whose stage alias is Neuvikal Soule. The pair met back in 2011 and were drawn to each other through the love of music. From there, Supreme Rhythm was born.

If you avid Afro-house listener then these are the guys for you. Check out their latest release titled ‘Through It All EP’.


Through It All is a five-track EP that will take you on a spiritual journey to the past, back to the present and transcend into the future. The EP boasts in the Afro House arrangements and compositions, with a subtle addition of the theatrical Tribal chants that speak to the spirituality and the Pan-African nature of the project. 

This project is an ode to Africa and to Gomora as a community. Alexandra is at the core of Johannesburg and this project speaks directly to that. This EP cements Gomora’s musicality and the Supreme Rhythm’s interpretation of what happens in their kasi.

You can stream and listen to Through It All Here.

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