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Manu World Star Releases New Single, Choko!

The artist behind the RnB and pop song Nalingi, recently released a new song called Choko from his new upcoming project titled Molimo.

Manu’s music infuses different genres but in their main element, the songs represent an originally African style.

Manu states Choko as an ode to pursuing your dreams relentlessly. He aims for the song to “feed the fans souls”. Choko translates as a green vegetable. Which then further means food and wealth for the family.

The cover art of the song praying hands. In the lyrics he tells a personal story of how he has reached his dreams with “I dey pray for my Choko” being repeated in the chorus. The song has a pop and significantly Hip Hop feel to it.

Choko will be part of his upcoming 12 track album which will be released in September.

Manu has found himself standing well in the music charts with his songs being regularly played on radio. His two popular songs being Nalingi and Rent. He hopes for this song to go up in the charts just as his other music.

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