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Twitter’s Reaction To DJ Fresh’s Statement Addressing The Ntsiki Mazwai Harassment Allegation

Twitter’s Reaction To DJ Fresh’s Statement Addressing The Ntsiki Mazwai Harassment Allegation. DJ Fresh released a statement on social media addressing the the harassment allegations made against him by Ntsiki Mazwai, he confirmed that he has taken legal action to deal with the situation. Twitter users had seemed to have a lot of comments to share on what the DJ has decide to do.

DJ Fresh issued a statement today on Twitter. He explained that he is someone that cares for the Gender Based Violence movement and that he suggests that the alleged issue that he has harassed poet and singer Ntsiki Mazwai, should be addressed in a different manner.

The DJ stated ” For someone to post something so damaging – especially as it directly subverts my work on behalf of a cause so close to my heart – i felt moved to take a public stand. I would certainly have wished for this matter to be settled in a better and more private manner, however, when the falsehoods were not rescinded, I felt my only option was to take it before the due diligence of our court system”

Some tweeps were questioning Fresh’s character and wondering if he is always not remorseful, as he did not want to apologize after his Metro FM case. The statement was retweeted over 1300 times and many people left their thoughts on the issue.

Some jokingly said that the controversial singer and poet does not have money to handle the matter in court with a lawyer. One tweep and others had been supporting the 947 DJ stating that he took the right decision of taking legal action as he was wrongfully accused. Many people in the comment section had their opinion to share.

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