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DJ Zinhle Wins Her First Music Award

DJ Zinhle is no stranger to getting wins after wins. DJ Zinhle has been winning this year.

DJ Zinhle is no stranger to getting wins after wins. The artist has recently announced huge news of her being the new CEO of sparkling wine brand Boulevard Nectar Rose, the musician has numerous wins under her belt. However, there was one thing that the artist didn’t have till now.

The house music DJ can now add one more award to her set of awards. She recently won the ‘Pan African Artist of the Year’ award for ‘Umlilo’ featuring Mvzzle and Rethabile at the Namibian Annual Music Awards. “God is showing off…Thank you. Congratulations to [Rethabile] & [Mvzzle] too,” says DJ Zinhle. The musician announces on the video recording of the Namibian Annual Music Awards that she hasn’t received any award for her work since she has been in the music industry. “I have actually never won an award before, so this means a lot to me,” says DJ Zinhle.

Social media users reacted to the win by the house music DJ. Universal Music Group South Africa says, “Congratulations [DJ Zinhle] We are continuously proud of you!!” One social media user says, “We love you Mama Zee and you deserve all these blessings…” One social media user says, “Her Majesty…the Queen…congratulations fav…” One user says, “Consistency…Love the pace of your success…Legend in the making…” Another user says, “You deserve all of it MaJiyane. Your work ethic is unmatched. Congratulations…” She won the award on the 17th of October.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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