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Ex Idols Contestant, Velvet Releases New House Jam!

The rich sounds that encompass the full bodied opera style vocals are simply put, Velvet. Born PROFFESOR MODEST BHENGU and now known as Velvet, has released a new single titled; “Girls”.

A House track that embodies the deep rhythm of Mzansi, accompanied by the velvety voice of Velvet. In his delivery he is artistically “showing off”, he creates a musically dynamic story from low notes to beautifully rounded vibrato notes, and High notes that could grab Whitney Houston’s attention from beyond her grave, May her soul rest in peace ? . The Official release date for “Girls” is set for 23 October 2020.

Velvet describes the storyline of “Girls” as a real life experience in which the majority of South Africa succumbed during lockdown. The job losses and constant claustrophobia and the mental breakdowns therein. The feeling of missing the things that defined your weekends, but sadly we were all denied the experience of a normal life yet the human need to socialise never left us.

The story is focused on the monotonous ins and outs of the long days in lockdown. wake up sleep, eat repeat, an almost unproductive day since unemployment prevailed.The need to be young and vibrant is still very much alive. So can we go to the tarven and meet some girls and party from Thursday to Sunday.

Slugia who is featured on Velvets song, brings a fun energy with his verse and addresses Bheki Cele, and Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma actually a really comical take on the frustrations of the nation.

“Thanks for keeping us safe Mr President but I believe I am due for a lekka party now”

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