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Josh Wantie and Conor Maynard’s much-anticipated collab single ‘Never Let Me Go’ is out today

Earlier this week Josh Wantie announced his collaboration with celebrated UK singer-songwriter Conor Maynard on the brand new single ‘Never Let Me Go’. The wait is finally over as the single is out today through Gallo Record Company and available across all digital platforms.

Listen to ‘Never Let Me Go’ here:

Josh Wantie had a great start to 2020 releasing his ‘Lifeline’ EP in late January and soon thereafter receiving a SAMA nomination for “Best Pop Album” for the release. Wantie, regarded as one of SA’s finest Pop artists, added to the 2020 silver lining announcing on Monday October 12ththat he has teamed up with one of the UK’s biggest singer-songwriters, Conor Maynard, on a brand new single.

So, how did the collaboration on ‘Never Let Me Go’ come about?

Wantie and Maynard have been friends for a while and during a writing camp in London early 2020, Wantie really enjoyed the way Maynard worked. So, a few months later Wantie sent him some of his material for his input and he loved the ‘Never Let Me Go’ track so much, that he wanted to work on it together. 

Conor Maynard was excited to finally collaborate with his friend. “Me and Josh have been close friends for a long time now, so the fact we finally get to work together on a track is so exciting and truly an honour. Josh is such a talented musician and when he played me the track to ask me what I thought, I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. I hope everyone enjoys it!”

Sounds like it happened so easily, but Wantie has worked hard for years to have this opportunity arise and it’s such beautiful coming together of two incredible artists. Asking Wantie what it was like working with Maynard, he says “He is a consummate professional and one of the best writers/singers I have ever worked with so it’s an awesome opportunity.”

Delving into the theme and inspiration behind ‘Never Let Me Go’, Wantie explains “The song follows an upbeat plea of two people to stay together after some ups and downs.”

Adding to the South African talent on the single, ‘Never Let Me Go’ was co-produced by SA producer (now based in London) MusiCLI who also produced Wantie’s SAMA-nominated EP ‘Lifeline’. Speaking on the production of the track, he says“As with many of his demos, Josh had produced the song to a high standard so when it came over to my studio it was more about final bits and pieces and some deep diving into the mix. We were really pleased with the way this song came out and really captures a fresh sound for Josh.”

‘Josh Wantie x Conor Maynard – Never Let Me Go’ Is Out Now:

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