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Kay Faith Releases ‘Proudly Capetonian’ With YoungstaCPT & E-JayCPT

Kay Faith delivers the first taste of her forthcoming album, Antithesis, with powerful single “Proudly Capetonian”with YoungstaCPT and E-JayCPT.

“Proudly Capetonian” tells the story of Cape Town the mother-city: built around one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, and truly one of the world’s most diverse cultural hubs. It is the city where Brenda Fassie was born. The city Madiba was locked up in and freed from. The birthplace of South African Hip Hop.

Acknowledging a city still fighting to fix the wrongs of the past, “Proudly Capetonian” focuses on the city’s past and present struggles while honourably reminding us that there has been so much that has been achieved, and that those achievements should be celebrated.

The collaboration between Kay Faith, YoungstaCPT and E-JayCPT was an organic one which was always going to happen; the three creatives have known each other for many years. Hard-hitting production via the hands of Kay Faith and evocative story-telling from the gifted tongue of YoungstaCPT is a perfect combination, while the passionate pre-chorus performed by E-Jay serves as a reminder of what all three artists so strongly represent. Kay Faith produced this track inspired by the UK Drill style of Hip Hop.

I’ve been a huge fan of UK tap for a while now. Even before this recent Pop Smoke & UK Drill blow-up happened, I was producing Drill influenced beats as I’m a fan of the syncopated rhythm of the music. I had this beat for a while actually, and decided to pick it back up and touch up some of the sounds. I had the instrumental all touched up and completed and I kept hearing E-Jay’s voice in my mind on this track. So I dug into some old recordings I had of sessions where I recorded E-Jay back in 2014-2015. I found the vocal of him saying “I rep Kaapstad and I rep Western Cape.” It had the right tempo to it so I cut it onto the instrumental and it fit perfectly. At that moment, I realised that this was going to be my track about my city and the place I represent. It only made sense for me to reach out to Youngsta to be the second voice on this track next to Ejay, given the past we share together in Capetown. Literally a day after I sent Young the beat, he replied saying he was done writing. We quickly agreed the track’s name would be “Proudly Capetonian”.

Stay tuned for more info regarding Kay Faith’s album “Antithesis” dropping early 2021…

“I had to kick the record off with a track that represents where I’m from. Roots are important. After “Proudly Capetonian” things just get weirder, crazier and more dope. I want people to get hyped for the album when they hear this track!”


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