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Nomcebo Signs A Major Global Deal

Nomcebo Signs A Major Global Deal! Arguably the rising star of 2020, Nomcebo Zikhode is proving she’s not a one hit wonder of the Jerusalem fame but can hold her own in the tough music industry.

Nomcebo just celebrated her birthday and along came a major announcement that she has signed an exclusive publishing deal with Sony/ATV.

“Today we not only celebrate @Nomcebozikode’s birthday, but we are also celebrating the announcement of the global publishing deal that we have entered into with Nomcebo. Welcome to the family Nomcebo & happiest of birthdays,” Sony announced on social media.

“The experience of having a global hit has been phenomenal. I am very excited to be working with an establishment such as Sony/ATV, the number one publishing company that has such a great global footprint. This year has been unbelievable, with the success of Jerusalema and the great reception of my album “Xola Moya Wam”. I look forward to seeing where this relationship with Sony/ATV takes me. I appreciate the trust and belief Rowlin, Munya and the Sony/ATV global family have in me and will strive to deliver only my best,” the singer said on the deal.

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