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Focalistic Addresses Vigro Deep’s Concern Over “Ke Star” Remix

Focalistic Addresses Vigro Deep’s Concern Over “Ke Star” Remix. Focalistic has responded to Vigro Deep feeling undermined on a song he was featured on. This comes after Focalistic announced that “Ke Star” single has a remix featuring Nigeria’s star Davido, however, removing Vigro Deep from a feature to only a producer. On an undeleted tweet by Vigro, he tweeted: “From a Feature to Just a ‘produced by’ I never thought my brand could be undermined like that…but it’s fine.”

Responding to now deleted Vigro’s tweet, Focalistic cleared the air and wrote: “Just to keep it 100!! I got nothing but love for you @VigroDeep. Miscommunications happen, just never forget what we do it for … 012. You killed the Ke Star beat!! And congratulations!! We got the #KeStarRemix OUT!!WORLD WIDE. AAAAAAAATCHU.”

The original song of “Ke Star” dropped in 2020 featuring Virgo and it made huge waves across countries in Africa. When Focalistic announced that the remix of the song features Davido and produced by Virgo Deep, people assumed the remix has been discussed with individuals involved on the song, not until Virgo called out Focalistic on social media for undermining him

However, after Focalistic’s tweet, fans were left impressed by his move. One fan wrote: “I love that the song is titled as @VigroDeep wished it to be. Well done mfanaka!!! E monate #KeStarRemix wink wink at @davido.” Fans however, seem to understand were Vigro is coming from.

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