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Heavy K Celebrates “Uyeke” Single Success And 10 Successful Years In Music Industry

Heavy K Celebrates “Uyeke” Single Success And 10 Successful Years In Music Industry. Drum Boss Heavy K‘s return to music seems to be going well for him as he has more than one milestone to celebrate. Heavy K‘s song titled Uyeke featuring Natalia Mabaso has been certified platinum. The Inde hitmaker also marks 10 years in the music industry and couldn’t have had a better way to celebrate his milestone than being certified platinum.

The house music producer took to social media to share and celebrate the news with his fans, he captioned: “I’ll love to thank each & everyone of you for streaming, buying & playing this song! I’m humbled by your continued support! After 10 years I’m still an platinum selling artist! Special shout out to @natalia_mabaso & the rest of my team! Uyabulela uSango.”

One fan congratulated the drubmoss, saying that the star deserves it, captioned: “You deserve it bro indeed for the past 10yrs you’ve been given us hit after hit.I always say that you consistently save SA house music. # respect the Drumboss.”

The music video has also hit over 2 million views on YouTube.

In 2018, Heavy K revealed that his mentor once told him that he wouldn’t make it in the music industry. “He told me that this is not my thing. When he listens to my songs he doesn’t feel that I will ever be able to make it (in the industry). Maybe I need five or six years of training, he told me that. For me, as my idol he killed me inside. When I got home I deleted the (music production) program and everything. I was like, ‘No. I am stopping this thing.’ because he was my idol more than anyone else,” said Heavy K. However, that did not stop the star from following his passion for music as he has made a mark in the music industry and also marks 10 years in the music industry.

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