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Nota Baloyi Calls Out President Ramaphosa For Posing With Mask-less Black Coffee

Nota Baloyi Calls Out President Ramaphosa For Posing With Mask-less Black Coffee. Nota Baloyi, also known as former Kwesta’s manager has called out on President Cyril Ramaphosa for taking a picture with Black Coffee who was not wearing a mask. The image was taken during a pandemic whereby wearing a mask is a must, however, Black Coffee is not wearing one and the president still took a photo with him.

Nota took to Instagram to call out the president for taking a picture with Black Coffee without wearing a mask as well as not adhering to social distancing, and getting away with it. Nota wrote a long post captioned: “@cyrilramaphosa you really should know better than to pose for a picture with people who are breaking the law. This picture is evidence of a crime and should you fail to report it that would be a criminal dereliction of your oath of office and just cause to call for your removal. Any concerned citizen can report this crime at their nearest police station…

The wearing of a cloth face mask, a homemade item, or another appropriate item that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory for every person when in a public place.

In addition, if not wearing a mask, no person will be allowed to:

Use, operate, perform any service on any form of public transport;
Enter or be in a building, place or premises, including government buildings, places or premises, used by the public to obtain goods or services; or
Be in any public open space. The above does not apply to a person who undertakes ‘vigorous exercise’ in a public place, provided that the person maintains a distance of at least three metres from any other person, and subject to directions on what is considered to be ‘vigorous’ by the Health minister. @health _za@national _cogta.”

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