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Prince Kaybee Receives Backlash On His View About Reporting Rape

Prince Kaybee Receives Backlash On His View About Reporting Rape. DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee seems to have stepped on social media users feet this week with his comments on rape. The intention of his tweet seems to encourage rape victims, many found his statement problematic.

The issue of rape was trending on social media following news that the National Prosecuting Authority will not be prosecuting DJ duo Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane and Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi.

A woman accused the DJs of drugging and raping her and three other women at a party in Johannesburg in 2011. She laid a charge at the Sunnyside police station on January 13. The NPA however, later confirmed that there were no prospects of “a successful prosecution on the available evidence because the evidence is insufficient”.

Kaybee replied to a fan and said: “Sit this one out nana, I get the trauma part but the stuff about only victims can raise awareness is off, it DID NOT land at all. Sometimes ask your friends before you tweet so that you prevent embarrassing yourself.”

Social media users were not having it at all as some felt as of the DJ was standing up for DJ Fresh and Euphonik. One tweep told him to refrain from giving such advice as a man, and as a person who hasn’t experienced rape, and therefore can’t possibly understand the psychological effects left on a victim that may cause them not to report the rape immediately.

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