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Spotify Expands International Footprint, Bringing Audio to 80+ NewMarkets

Today, Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek announced that Spotify will be embarking on a sweeping expansion that will make the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service available to more than a billion people in 80+ new markets around the world and add 36 languages to the platform. This move represents Spotify’s broadest market expansion to date. 

For full details on the expansion announcement, please see the media release on Spotify’s For the Record Blog.

The Stream On virtual event also explored the power of audio, the journey of creation, and the opportunities ahead for millions of creators and billions of fans around the world. Additional announcements that were made during the event can be found at

They include:

· Spotify Stream On Explores Power of Audio Creation

· Spotify is Proud to Partner with Iconic Creators the Russo Brothers and AGBO

· Audio Brings New Dimension to the DC Comics Universe

· Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi

· Spotify Unveils New Ava DuVernay Podcast Dedicated to Social Change

·A New Era for Podcast Advertising

· Creators and Storytellers Shine Bright at Spotify Stream On

· Spotify’s Key Updates for Creators

· Spotify’s Anchor Innovations Are Bringing the Future of Audio to the Present

· ‘Tell Them, I Am’ Higher Ground Podcast Brings Muslim Voices to the Forefront

· President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Join Forces in the New Podcast ‘Renegades: Born in the USA’

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