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Watch! Kwaito Legend Eugene Mthethwa Chains Himself At SAMRO Offices In Protest Of Alleged Corruption

Watch! Kwaito Legend Eugene Mthethwa Chains Himself At SAMRO Offices In Protest Of Alleged Corruption. Trompies star Eugene Mthethwa has chained himself to a pole inside South African Music Rights Association (SAMRO) offices in Braamfontein demanding his royalties from the organisation from 1998 to 2021. His sit-in on Thursday and said he was prepared to sleep at SAMRO’s reception until his issues and other artists’ royalties were sorted out. He started asking about his royalties six years ago, however, he said the organisation has been telling him about alleged undocumented music.

“SAMRO has kept me as a slave. It has kept me as their dog that eats crumbs that are falling from the master’s table. I’m saying, I’m here to get all the answers that I deserve and also to get my money that I’m supposed to get because I’ve been waiting for too long. I’ve been talking decently for the past two years and even before that. If I cannot be paid my royalties then I have a problem. I’m going to sit here until they finish. If it takes them 6 months to sort out my undocumented work, I’m going to stay here for the next 6 months,” said Mthethwa.

EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi posted a video of the legendary star, captioned: “Eugene Mthethwa has chained himself up at SAMRO building in protest against corruption & exploitation of music artists across South Africa. See video.”

Mthethwa explained that he composed hits for Trompies, Jabu Hlongwane, Vicky Vilakazi and Family Factory for many years but has never received a cent. Mthethwa added: “Sometimes they take people’s songs and credit it to someone else. The whole thing needs to be disbanded and restarted. It is not working. It was designed to chow money of black artists.”

Euphonik is one of the South African musicians in support of the bid, he wrote: “Was SAMRO planning on paying out today or is Eugene Mthethwa & @ndiyagodola working overtime for us? Salute brothers.”

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