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Watch! Sho Madjozi’s Proudly African Remake Of Netflix Hit Show Bridgerton

Watch! Sho Madjozi’s Proudly African Remake Of Netflix Hit Show Bridgerton. Rapper Sho Madjozi recently recreated one of Netflix’s biggest shows, Bridgerton, leaving her fans proud. Bridgerton is an American drama series that is centred on a family with eight siblings who are looking for love in London. The series has a viewership of 82 million and it is the most watched series on Netflix.

The “John Cena” hitmaker recently visited a village in Tanzania where she recreated popular scenes from the series. On the video, Sho Madjozi is dressed up as a beautiful native princess who finds her native prince in the Lerai village, in Tanzania. The star took to her Twitter and Instagram account to share the video with her fans, captioned: “Life in the Ngorongoro conservation area where there’s room for both wildlife and people. Like this Maasai village called Lerai which makes a living from welcoming tourists. They asked me to tell my friends about them so they can get more visitors. So, my friends… WELCOME TO #BRIDGERTON.”

As she mentioned on her caption, the other reason for the video was to promote the destination so that more tourist can visit. Fans and industry friends flooded the comment section applauding the star for her creativity. Edward Tagoe commented: “As notable Chaperons of the #Bridgerton noble household, do you care to enlighten your devoted subjects of your views regarding this display of creative imagination?”

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