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Busiswa Drags Rihanna For Sampling ‘Midnight Starring’

Busiswa Drags Rihanna For Sampling ‘Midnight Starring’. Rihanna took a well deserved break from music while she builds her empire in the beauty sphere with her own brand called Fenty Beauty. A promotional video shared by Rihanna on Twitter caught the attention of South African’s, as the song used in the fifteen-second promotional video belongs to South African artists.

The promotional video uses beats and vocals of a song titled ‘Midnight Starring‘ by DJ Maphorisa featuring Busiswa on vocals, DJ Tira and Moonchild Sanelly. South African artist Busiswa called out Riri on her post. Busiswa retweeted the promotional video and wrote: “Nah. @fentybeauty just used a REMAKE of Midnight Starring with my voice, to avoid paying us for it. I’m sad but it’s the game I guess.”

DJ Maphorisa also voiced his concerns over the issue in a tweet that reads: “Mara le baring mo ke cut n paste Sis riri onketsang?” translated in English meaning ‘This is cut and paste, Sister Rihanna what are you doing to me’.

Many South African fans came to the defense of Busiswa while some suggested that she sues the American star as she used her song without compensating her, stating that should the roles been reversed, Rihanna was going to do exactly that. One fan wrote: “Fenty Beauty has the time to use South African music on their ads but don’t even a single store in Africa? I need Kabza, Maphorisa and Busiswa to sue them because that’s what Rihanna would’ve done.”

Some South Africans went all the way to Rihanna’s official account under her tweet, demanding that she pays Busiswa. Another concerned South African wrote: “Why do people feel it’s okay to steal and just take from Africa… Why?… Talk with Busiswa please wena Sphongo please @rihanna.”

@Ashante_Parker wrote: “Riri please do the right thing within 48 hrs & contact @busiswaah by paying her what is rightful belong to her bcz she work so dawn hard composing that hit song that still bangs in the hearts of fellow SAn. or kuzoshuba nontombi asiyiki nikx thina e Azania.”

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