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DJ Sbu Advises Boity On How To Make Her Finance Wishes Come True

DJ Sbu Advises Boity On How To Make Her Finance Wishes Come True. Boity Thulo is a woman of many talents, who has proven time and time again on social media that she gets whatever she wishes for, courtesy of her ancestors. The star has already acquired the fame and fortune, however she still wants more money and is manifesting it all over social media.

Taking to her Twitter account, Boity wrote: “FNB 🙂 R69000000.00 paid to cheq a/c..153722 @ Online Banking. Ref. MaDlozi. 28Apr 15:15.” The tweet attracted the likes of DJ Sbu who is a successful entrepreneur, as he advised Boity that she needs to take a screenshot and and set it as her screensaver that way she can see it everyday, subconsciously registering it in her mind.

“If you want it to come Tru for you guys screen grab this and make it your phone screen saver so you can see it everyday. Your subconscious mind will register it everyday as if it’s already true. DON’T FORGET TO PUT IN THE WORK DAILY. ONE DAY IT WILL COME TRUE. THANK ME LATER,” wrote Sbu.

Boity is not only a rapper, but a recent entrepreneur who has secured multiple streams of income. The star started her own hair care products are created specifically for women with hair type three and four. Speaking on her hair brand, Boity said: “Your hair is your crown. Whether you prefer it all shaved off, wear a weave, opt for a protective style or rock an afro, taking care of your hair with products that are packed with goodness and most importantly made for your specific hair type is something you just cannot afford to compromise on. This range of products is exactly that. Being an African Queen to me is about being proud of where you come from and embracing it in every move that you make.”

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