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DJ Shimza Makes Mzansi Proud Following His Business Venture Announcement

DJ Shimza Makes Mzansi Proud Following His Business Venture Announcement. Over the weekend, tweeps couldn’t help but celebrate with Shimza after he shared his new business venture. The DJ has definitely practised what he preaches as he took his own advice about branching out and creating multiple streams of income. Shimza has often taken to Twitter to motivate tweeps to be on the lookout for different opportunities that can help them break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

Taking to social media, the South African disc jockey and producer Shimza announced that he now owns two restaurants one in Tembisa north of Kempton Park on the East Rand in Gauteng, where he was born and another one in Midrand called Fridays to his list. Shimza revealed in his comment section that he only recently bought into the business that was established more than three years ago. Sharing the pictures of his restaurant, the DJ wrote: “I’m on two restaurants, one in Tembisa and one in Midrand, The Hang Awt and Fridays.”

DJ Shimza is the latest public figure to embark on a new and exciting business venture to open a restaurant, now a second one. Shimza’s first restaurant The Hang Awt is situated in Shimza’s hometown of Tembisa and has been operational since 25 October 2019. The musician described the place as “a hangout spot with good food and drinks”. The musical artist expressed that he is proud of himself and his businesses.

Tweeps congratulated Shimza and those who have been to Fridays took the opportunity to give him reviews of the place. While others thanked the star for creating employment opportunities. One fan wrote: “That’s great my brother wish you all the best in your business ventures hope you open more restaurants.” Here are a few more tweets below:

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