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Jazzgroupiez And Saul Madiope Makes It To New York Times Square Billboard

Jazzgroupiez And Saul Madiope Makes It To New York Times Square Billboard. Jazzgroupiez who is an improvisational and talented muso, hailing from the United States featured a South African musician, Saul Madiope who eloquently articulates the sounds of a saxophone effortlessly. ‘The Crossover’ project is the perfect blend of two cultures, which also launched Saul’s music career internationally. The EP consists of 6 tracks with features including Credo Mutwa, Gonza, MRNGW among a few other talented musos.

Jazzgroupiez and Saul Madiope’s single titled “The Crossover” made it to Times Square billboard in New York and Saul was beaming with excitement as he shared the news on his Twitter account. “Me & brothers just made it onto a billboard all the way in NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE. Gratitude to my brother @jazzgroupiez for always giving wisdom and direction. This collabo has truly changed my life in totality. Modimo le Badimo ra leboga! Pitori To The Universe,” Saul tweeted.

The collaboration echoes sounds of old school hip-hop, with a soul infused theme. The balance of this project lies perfectly between soulful sounds inspired by the likes of Robert Glasper and John Coltrane, and South African infused vibrations from the late prominent African knowledge bearer and shaman, Credo Mutwa. Saul released a jazz project titled Ditoro Tsa Kolobe (translating to ‘Dreams of a Pig’) during lockdown last year, a young man from Pretoria whose ear for jazz is undoubtedly impeccable.

@MRNGW_ who was also part of the EP expressed his gratitude and was beaming with excitement as he wrote: “SPIRIT. My brothers and I on a billboard in New York, Times Square. Grateful to be a part of this. The Crossover – @jazzgroupiez & @Saul_Truth@bestjncube@ThandoNje@Gomzasa@Jah_Level.”

Fans are congratulating the star on his recent achievement and being recognised outside South Africa. One proud fan wrote: “Big moves bro. To the Universe For Real.”

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