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Naakmusiq Addresses The Speculations Of Dating Nandi Mbatha

Naakmusiq Addresses The Speculations Of Dating Nandi Mbatha. In another exciting episode of Podcast And Chill with Mac G, the guest was none other than singer, actor and businessman Naakmusiq. The Mamelani hit maker opened up about speculations of dating Nandi Mbatha.

“I didn’t really date Nandi, to be honest. It was during the lockdown and we were working on a campaign together. We were shooting a lot of content here so a lot of the time she was at my house,” Naak said, before admitting they basically “hooked up”. The former Generations actor went on to explain that what they had was more of a “situationship” as opposed to a relationship and after some time they got claustrophobic and it didn’t work out. “We’ve all had girlfriends in the past and it didn’t work.”

Anga and Nandi sparked dating rumours in May last year with Instagram snaps. The dating speculations started when they supposedly posed in a pic where Nandi Mbatha the face of her supposed secret lover was not seen, stating that she doesn’t want to reveal her secret lover. NaakMusiq then also sent a picture where he was wearing the same clothes as Nandi Mbatha’s ‘secret lover’. While the pair never officially declared themselves as an item, Twitter FBI’s were able to identify the tattoos on a man Nandi had posted on her Instagram to be identical to NaakMusiq’s tattoos. The snaps have since been deleted.

Daily Sun reported that the Naak, whose real name is Anga Makubalo dumped Nandi and has also allegedly kicked her out from his home. The publication alleged that a close friend who chose to remain unkown confirmed their split. “They are no longer together, and Naak asked Nandi to leave his place. She has been living with a friend for some days now. She isn’t taking the break-up too well,” said the friend.

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