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Prince Kaybee Explains Why He Lacks Respect For Black Coffee

Prince Kaybee Explains Why He Lacks Respect For Black Coffee. In a recent video interview with Everything SA Music, DJ and disc jockey Prince Kaybee got candid about his beef with the world renowned DJ Black Coffee. The “Club Controller” hit maker finally revealed the reasons for his “lack of respect” towards Black Coffee that resulted in their heated altercations in the past.

Kaybee explained that for him respect is a deeply personal thing, which he doesn’t just give out simply because someone is popular or that easily. He added that he might recognise how talented Black Coffee is, but he feels as though Black Coffee hadn’t done anything to earn his respect. “I’ve got this thing about me, apparently it’s being arrogant. I really need you to earn my respect from a personal point. Respect and recognition are two different things. I can recognise you as the world’s number player but what is it that you have shown me for me to respect you?” Kaybee said.

He also included the recent rape saga which he mentioned that he didn’t want to name anyone saying” Let’s say for example I raped someone, and you as a person look up to me, you will be disappointed in me because you gave me the respect that I don’t deserve. You can just recognise the talent and keep it there. So for me, Black Coffee hasn’t done anything to earn my respect although I do recognise his talent,” Kaybee added.

The twar all started when Kaybee posted a very cryptic tweet about “local celebrities” in a tweet that reads: “The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, ‘the urge to sound wise’. You watch a few YouTube videos, you (sic) wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker.”

Watch the video below for a full interview:

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