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Simphiwe Dana’s Political Views On Twitter Backfire With NPO Drama

Simphiwe Dana’s Political Views On Twitter Backfire With NPO Drama. Dana is known for being outspoken especially on Twitter, which has now quickly become a boxing ring with serious accusations being thrown around. The singer-songwriter began with sharing her political views in the wee hours of the morning; followers debated and argued their own points but now a different player came into the picture.

Dana began by tweeting, “I know we’re scared to say it. But Ramaphosa is the worst president we have had.” and followed with another saying, “I opened your your eyes about Zille. And you gave me a lot of flack for it. I expect a lot of flack for this too” and opened the floor with a question, “54 days of a very important sector protesting. And not a word from our president. Who is he focused on?”

The Twitter user @MadiBoity replied to Dana’s first tweet saying, “South African celebrities think that Cyril Ramaphosa is part of their fan base. Whenever they want to get relevance they want bash him. Who is this lady by the way?” One of his followers replied, “Once they become politicians, they no longer living a celeb life. True celebs are those who are busy being themselves totally and expressing themselves fully. They can be human rights activists without getting involve in politics, a circus full of negetive vibes.”

Boitumelo replies to Dana’s tweet again by saying, “She & Lvovo are struggling artists artistically. They need to concentrate on improving music. Did she say a word when SA was looted? Does she follow Zondo Commission? Doesn’t she see restoration of State Institutions? Ramaphosa is cleaning up & attacking him won’t improve sales.” He followed with a tweet where he starts by pointing out that struggling artists think that attacking President Ramaphosa makes them relevant and continues:

His recent infamous tweet has brought all eyes on Dana with actual receipts captioned, “Simphiwe Dana registered NPO on the 29th of November 2019 and got the grant approved on the 18th of December for a show that was on the 6th of December. So the grant was approved 2 weeks after the show, and so the conditions of the grant could never have been met. Fraud???” This tweet had some followers pointing out that they’ve been asking for funding for years without any luck.

Boitumelo’s tweets has convinced some followers that Dana’s initial tweet about our president isn’t a coincidence. He takes it a step further following the saga with her record label tweeting, “Record labels are cancelling contracts of some artists for poor sales, and now they are moonlighting as politicians allegedly getting dodgy handouts from dodgy politicians.”

Dana had time to fire back saying, “Boitumelo Madiba I’m coming for you, my guy. You will have to explain how you got confidential information and, further put it out in a bid to defame my name. Plus put my family at risk by publishing my address. @MadiBoity” While what Boitumelo is an invasion of privacy, he responded by pointing out that proof of an address is a requisite for an NGO and that it is in the public domain especially when public funds are concerned.

The back and forth between Dana and Boitumelo has certainly spiked up an important conversation but details are not as clear as we’d like them to be. Hopefully, justice prevails and the people involved get to the bottom of this squabble.

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