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Zahara Announces She’s Making A Comeback With New Music!

Zahara Announces She’s Making A Comeback With New Music! It’s been a while since Zahara released new music but it looks like our favorite country girl is making a comeback. This comes after her fans had been asking her to drop new music and finally it’s happening.

Zahara took to social media announcing that she will soon release a new single sharing radiant photo of herself seemingly writing a song next to her guitar. “You’ve been asking and I heard you, my single is ready and coming soon.” Fans flooded the post with comments saying that they can’t wait!

The singer and songwriter recently made an appearance for Mzansi Insider, paid the hilarious Sis Vuvu a visit and has kept us captivated with pictures of her glowing self on her social platforms.

She is already considered a living legend so its no surprise that she is currently reeling in over 24 000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with the iconic Loliwe sitting at number one on her top 5 popular picks for the streaming service. The touching Mgodi from her latest album sits at 2.5 million views on YouTube. It’s been a long wait since her latest album, Mgodi, which dropped in 2017. Fans are probably sitting at the edge of their seats for this single. We can’t wait to see what she has in store!

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