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Diamond Platinumz Announces First Release With Warner Music

Platinum-selling and award winning Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz today announces the release of his upcoming single ‘Kamata’. The banging new track is his first major label release since announcing his recently-penned global distribution deal with Warner Music South Africa.

‘Kamata’ is an eastern influenced grungy, bass heavy take on East Africa’s Bongo Flava. Diamond Platnumz is the master purveyor of the genre, and with a break-beat that will have your hips involuntarily swaying and your feet consumed by the dance floor, ‘Kamata’ is sure to become an instant classic.

The accompanying video is a raunchy, waist-winding visual, that captures the essence of Bongo Flava, and on here the Diamond proves he is a cut above the rest.

“With so much tension and despond people on the continent and the world at large, I think as artists we can still bring a different lens for audiences to see the world, even if just to dance for a moment. I wanted to release a single that’s light hearted and reminds people that there’s always an opportunity to dance” comments Diamond Platnumz.

KAMATA is OUT NOW – stream or download here:

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