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Maskandi Singer Khuzani Speaks On Speculations That He Uses Muthi For Success

Maskandi Singer Khuzani Speaks On Speculations That He Uses Muthi For Success! He won the song of the year title on uKhozi FM with his hit song titled iJele which he got a million votes on. However, there are a few people who are not happy with his achievements and have went as far as accusing him of black magic.

The artist has had a few people claiming that he uses black magic to be loved by everyone and have his music to be greatly received by his followers. They say UTHWELE with a snake but during his interview on the #podcastwithMacG he disagrees with these allegations.

The talented young man shared his painful upbringing and how he and his family struggled growing up as they were very poor and at times, they would burn a spoon with sugar then put in hot water to make the water turn black and that would be a replacement of a tea.

However, he did not let his upbringing define his future. After the completion of his matric and the unfortunate passing of both his parents he came to Pretoria to start a life for himself with only R700 in his pocket and no place to sleep. He then got a job at a butchery but was soon fired from the job and that is when he started being a security guard and that allowed him to establish his career and do gigs. He went on and said that he is where he is today because of his love and respect for Maskandi and the hard work that he has put in to make his music known.

Khuzani said in his interview that he is a man of God and in everything he looks up to him and prays for success. He does not have any snake nor Sangoma/Inyanga that he uses for charisma and to be one of the best in Maskandi. He further explained that he does not even use umuthi but all he does is to have faith in God and asks for wisdom and guidance before he starts his projects.

iJele is one of his hit songs that made him known worldwide and he was the first artist to break the record and got a million votes for song of the year.

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