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Watch! Dumi Mkokstad Serves Couple Goals With His Wife Ziphozenkosi

Watch! Dumi Mkokstad Serves Couple Goals With His Wife Ziphozenkosi! Dumi Mkokstad is well-known for sharing his talent with fans on social media giving free session on InstaLIVES but lately we’ve been seeing a different more personal side to the Award winning singer thanks to his wife, Zipho.

The singer and his doctor wife have become a fan favorite celebrity couple who give their fans what they want. The couple has been sharing their love with the whole world on their social media since the beginning and have not disappointed as they always sharing their latest content with us. They portray true love and that one can still have fun in marriage as when you are still dating.

Dr Ziphozenkosi and Dumi are always up for a challenge and we have seen more of their challenges on social media since the beginning of the lockdown where they participated in most challenges and have even challenged each other on singing in their videos. They always hold live sessions on Instagram and Facebook to connect with their public and just share what its like living together in the same space and being happily married.

Dr Ziphozenkosi shared a video on twitter where they did the #itaintmechallenge and added a caption saying, “Hubby did the thaaangs!!”. The video is a whole mood, and we get to witness their “amapiano” dance moves. Users on twitter where amazed by the video and a few commented praising the couple on doing a great job and getting the moves right. @tullybulube said “Dumi understood the assignment, just look at his face (0:13)” and @Sneshanty0 said “You guys just make this marriage life doable niyangchaza keep up the sugar and spice”.

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