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Mi Casa Ushers Us Into The Festive Season With A New Single

Following the success of “Mamela” and internationally acclaimed “Chucks”, Mi Casa is back with another smash hit from their album titled “Obsessed”.  This single celebrates love in all its forms, love for music, your partner or anything which you are passionate about.

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This single particularly anchors on the love obsession. Two people who can’t seem to stay apart from each other, yet their relationship is so toxic, however they are fixated on making this work. Taking to social media J Something expressed how this single is in the top 3 favorites on the album. Obsessed is co-written with Vthevowel who has quite a huge contribution on the whole album. “The fondest of memory when it comes to the making of the song is definitely the fact that the single stems from the drum progression I heard in the room while I was jamming outside with my guitar “said J Something.

The drums and the horns in this single spices up the tempo of the single and gives it a seductive feel which is well complimented by the sleek vocals. Obsessed is a clear indication that if there is any band that has high synergy levels has be Mi Casa!

The band released “We Made It “in July 2020 in celebration of 10 years of the Mi Casa, the album has thus far reached major milestones as Mamela was certified Gold and the band received multiple nominations from the SAMA awards. One of the other highlights is the collaboration with the European band YouNotUs on a remix of Chucks which is taking the world by storm.

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