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ICYMI! Former Idols SA Winner, Karabo Mogane Ties The Knot

Karabo rose to fame through his Idols SA win as well as the release of the hit single “Ngifuna Lo’’. His rise to fame presented a number of challenges , his PR team cut ties with him , he was in debt and his career had seemed to take a hard knock. The release of his first album did not top the charts as he had hoped, this was a hard addition to his existing misery.

Amidst the storm , Karabo reportedly met the love of his life after a double booking mishap. He claimed to have been drawn to her from the onset of their initial conversation. Their love story quickly escalated and became one to remember.

He claims that he was always serious about her and made it clear from the beginning that he is in this for the long haul. He alluded that he ascertained that the most important people in both their lives were well aware of their relationship as well as its seriousness. According to Karabo, proposing in front of both families was the perfect way for him to profess his love for her. This cemented his intentions as well as just how much this woman means to him. He presumably counted down the days until he could make his then girlfriend , Sinesipho Mbandazayo, his wife. He tweeted “ Welcome to my
beautiful bride”

The beautiful couple tied the knot on the 29th of September 2021. Karabo frequently displays the fact that he is madly in love with his wife by showering her with romantic messages on his social media platforms. His love affirmations have been booming since the couple officially tied the knot and include the likes of : “Couldn’t make you wait forever, for forever”. He also declares his love for her by serenading her with beautiful songs as she leaves for work in the

This love story definitely has South Africans talking. According to excited fans it seems like this truly is forever. Karabo has always been discreet about his love life, some fans also thought that he is gay.His social media presence always entailed his music and career journey and this wedding definitely broke his silence. Most fans showered them with well wishes and love.

Regardless of the misunderstanding , Karabo constantly reminds us of his newly wed glow. He tweeted “Mr and Mrs Mogane” . Karabo appears to be very proud of his new family , his in-laws and parades them with pride on social media. Above all, this is a true picture of Happily Ever After

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