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Nandi Madida Reacts To Zakes Bantwini’s Summer Hit Osama Making Chart History

Nandi Madida Reacts To Zakes Bantwini’s Summer Hit Osama Making Chart History. Nandi Madida , showered her husband with love and support in response to his groundbreaking song , Osama topping the music charts. Her husband , Zakes Bantwini , has been a showstopper throughout his career.

Zakes Bantwini has been widely appreciated and celebrated for his recent hit , released in September Osama. The hit maker is known for making massive sound waves and capturing South Africans with his unique sound. This has been clear countless times, Radio Monitor has given Zakes’ audience a reminder. According to Radio Monitor , Zakes Bantwinis’ summer hit Osama has been topping their charts ,occupying the number 1 spot for 10 weeks in a row! The hit has been in the top five of the charts for even longer.

Nandi Madida took to social media by pouring her love and support out to Zakes for this astounding achievement. “Congrats on being on the right side of history @ZakesBantwiniSA and uniting people in our country with this song! #Legendary #Osama ” Nandi tweeted.

Nandi has consistently shown her support and celebration for the song on her social media as well as in interviews, should the opportunity present itself. She recently made a brief mention of the song when she was a guest on Lasizwe’s youtube series show, ‘Drink or tell the truth’. She went as far as responding to subtle backlash received from Black Coffee with regards to the originality of the song.

Osama has not only become an anthem for South Africans, the hit set the world alight by going viral globally even before the song was released. When Zakes Bantwini released the lyrics of this song , he further shared the meaning and origin of the lyrics on an Instagram live. He explained that Osama is meant to create a spiritual experience for listeners. According to him , it is speaking in tongues and is open to individual interpretation by whoever experiences it.

He named it Osama which means lion, it is intended to unleash the lion inside you. He further intended to ensure that the song is limitless with regards to lyrics, meaning, interpretation and musical experience. Zakes has made waves in the past he was awarded with the, however this could be a career defining moment for him. He pointed out in an interview that he did not expect the song to be so huge , so quickly. He further stated that has never been celebrated on such a large scale , not only from supporters but his fellow colleagues and media.

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