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Pics! DJ Sabby Pops The Question

Pics! DJ Sabby Pops The Question. DJ Sabby, is a successful radio personality who is best known for his groundbreaking, 10 year long show on YFM called The Best Drive. He recently proposed to his long term girlfriend Lindi Sirame.

The couple revealed their love story in a Youtube video in 2017 and have since grown from strength to strength. The couple reportedly met at YFM when Lindi, his fiancé, was an intern there. When they first met, they had both been in relationships with other people. Lindi admitted to often being teased at the inception of her internship for having the biggest crush on him! The couple experienced a few challenges in their relationship including a year long separation. They have been together for 9 years. Five years into the relationship, they had their first child, a baby boy. They reportedly accomplished a number of milestones together amidst all the challenges that continuously faced them.

This particular love story has gained traction over the years. Lindi’s fans are pouring with congratulations and well wishes. One of her followers referred to this union as the “rolls royce of unions”. Lindi broke the news to her fans by posting beautiful pictures of their engagement. “My best friend, he’s never made a promise he can’t keep, it’s always been forever ” Lindi Tweeted.

Lindi emphasizes the the fact that this proposal has left her speechless. “Ndiphelelwa ngamagama“, Lindi tweeted.

Lindi’s best friend, Sli Masikane described experiencing the proposal as magical. This proposal has the bar high for #couplegoals.

DJ Sabby announced the engagement with a great deal of excitement. “We’ve decided on forever, SHE SAID YES” He tweeted. The radio personality went all out to pull this engagement off. Family members and friends were involved in making this special day a reality. He hired a team for the décor and lights which was a contributing factor to Lindi’s tears of joy.

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.” DJ Sabby tweeted.

DJ Sabby’s fans responded with warmth and love with people offering their major congratulations. Some fans asked to be added to the guest list. This engagement has fans in a wave of excitement and celebration. This begs the question, what’s next for the radio personalities? This will have fans on their their feet, counting down the days until the wedding day.

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