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Watch! New Kid ‘Mfnana Kah Gogo’ Moves Dj Zinhle To Tears With His New Song

Watch! New Kid ‘Mfnana Kah Gogo’ Moves Dj Zinhle To Tears With His New Song. Sipho Monambi, who is professionally known as Mfanah Ka Gogo who is a new kid on the block with regards to the music industry. He recently released a song called ‘Jabula’.

This song is a description of his tough upbringing. He points out the hardest parts of his childhood including the loss of his father at a young age, his mom having to work day and night just to provide for him and being left with his grandmother. The song outlines the fact that amidst all hardship , there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that alone is enough reason to be happy.

A video was posted on Youtube where he reportedly burst into tears as he was singing along to his song. This happened just before he released his song, the video was a preview of what was to be expected by fans. The video sparked DJ Zinhle’s interest and once she had a look at this video and she was presumably , instantly moved to tears. “I’m glad that you guys already know that I cry a lot because this video of @RealMfanaKaGogo made me weep. ❤️,” Zinhle tweeted.

They had a heart warming exchange after this post. In his response he outlined the importance of speaking up, being open and honest about your problems as a person. In awe, DJ Zinhle responded by telling him that she loves him. She subsequently acknowledged and celebrated him as well as the release of his song. “Aw baby @RealMfanaKaGogo.”

He further warmed the hearts of fans through his heartfelt responses. People responded well to his vulnerability and authenticity. His story took fans by a surprise as they were graced with a wave of emotion as a result of his story.

Based on the moving story behind this song, it is bound to capture the hearts of more South Africans this summer. The exchange between Dj Zinhle and Mfana Kagogo hinted towards a possible collaboration in the future. Should South Africans hold their breaths ?

Nonetheless , this new kid on the block has a unique sound to offer and a moving story. There is no doubt that The South African Music industry will welcome him with warm arms.After his moving video, and the social media response so far it seems the odds are in his favor.

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