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“I’m just scared of being comfortable” Says Kwesta

“I’m just scared of being comfortable,” said Kwesta on a video he posted of himself getting interviewed in Austin Texas. The rapper seems to have left a mark in the US especially after he killed his freestyle on Sway In The Morning.

The South African music/ entertainment industry is one that you can easily get used to because you get stuck in a cycle of touring the big cities i.e Jozi, Cape Town and Durban. That’s a cycle we are watching the current crop of rappers breaking from.

“I got a project I’m working which is the main reason why I’m here. I’m just trying to make it like a world album and I’m just here tying up a couple of ends” said Dakar! He went on to talk about how he feels like he is about to hit the ceiling in his own country.

I’m just scared of being comfortable #HipHopABC #OmenAgency #DaKARInAmerica

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