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Priddy Ugly Opens Up About Being Told To Pay For Airplay

Priddy Ugly opened up about being told to pay for airplay by one of the biggest radio compliers in SA. The rapper has been releasing hot records for a while but the only started getting the recognition he deserves after he signed with Ambitious!

“He (the radio compiler) was like; ‘listen, we can make this song the biggest song in the country. In six months you can start winning awards, your ratings can go up. So, you can pay a deposit now of like R16,000 for 2 months’ airplay and come later on. So I want R25,000, but you can pay R16,000 now and then pay for my flight or something,'” said Priddy Ugly.

“We have always said that there is a process for submitting music at our radio stations and encourage artists not to engage in payola (paying for their music to get playlisted). We continue to have a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption and ask anyone who has been asked to pay a bribe to bring it to the attention of the organisation,” he told TshisaLIVE.

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