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DJ Tira Partners With Fact Foundation To Help Suffering Families

Afrotainment boss DJ Tira has once again made a difference on the lives of struggling people by providing them with basic necessities in partnership with Fact Foundation.

The DJ shared a snap on Instagram which with a heartwarming and informative caption.

“Afrotainment and Fact Foundation always take time to help those in need. My mother helped me to identify a family in my hometown KwaHlabisa. This family lives in a shack with no beds, balala emacansini.”

Tira said after buying groceries for the family that would see them through at least three months, the family begged for trunks to lock the food in because of the threat of rats.

“Together with artists from Afrotainment, Joocy Afro and DJ Touch Of Soul, yesterday we left them with groceries to help them for the few upcoming months and 3 beds to sleep on. They begged us to help them with trunks to lock up their foods as rats finish their food if its not locked up somewhere.”

Tira added that the plan is to build the family a house and help more other some other families.

“The bigger plan is to build a house for them. God willing it will be done within the next 3 months. My wish is to help more families in rural areas, i hope this post will inspire someone, especially our brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry to be good examples in the society.”

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