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Sfiso Ncwane’s Wife Share’s Heartfelt Message To Her Late Husband

Sfiso Ncwane’s Wife Share’s Heartfelt Message To Her Late Husband. The Gospel heavyweight passed away last December and the news left the whole of Mzansi hear broken. We have never heard any speak negative about this man so you can understand why everyone was & is still so hurt by his passing

The signer’s wife is still very hurt by his passing and she will always appreciate the time they spent together because he treated her so well. She posted a picture of his 6 fingered hand and detailed her experience with him:

“It will be selfish of me not to cherish every beautiful moments, deep love,respect you gave to me throughout our marriage. As wounded as i am, i still look at your 6 finger-hand with a smile and think ?, this ugly world is not for humbled loving beautiful souls like yours. I never understood the scripture John 11:25-26 (whoever believes in Christ, though he dies, yet he shall live) until now. I still dish up the forth plate meant for you, I still dial your number and sadly drop the call. Because it has not yet sunk in that you will never be coming home myeni wam. This day the 5th… has become my Covernent day to seek the face of God more, because He chose this day to welcome you home. Rest well & peacefully Gwamanda omkhulu” captioned the star!

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