Renowned 3-Step Maestro Heavy-K Releases His New 3-Step Album Just in Time for The Festive Season

Fans of the beat maestro Heavy-K, affectionately known as the Drumboss, have been eagerly awaiting the latest release from the King of the 3-Step genre, and today the wait is officially over!

With over a decade of elevating the music industry to new heights, Heavy-K is set to mesmerize his fans yet again with the release of his latest offering, ‘Respect The Drumboss 2 (3-Step Edition)’.

Just two weeks ago, Heavy-K took to social media to tease his now released album saying, “Don’t choose your December song just yet”. Heavy-K’s foresight was spot-on—the album is a powerhouse of hits tailor-made for the festive vibes of this season!

As a visionary in the music landscape, Heavy-K has continuously pushed boundaries, blending mesmerizing melodies with infectious rhythms. Heavy-K has proven to be successful in capturing the essence of the 3-step genre like no other. The 3-Step genre, characterised by its unique rhythmic structure that centres around the distinctive sound of three kicks. This genre offers a truly African, unstoppable rhythm that is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of Amapiano and Afrobeat from West Africa, Heavy-K’s 3-Step sound fuses these influences seamlessly, resulting in a dynamic and captivating musical experience.

The album’s production has been a labour of love, crafted meticulously by Heavy-K in collaboration with a team of talented producers and musicians. Each track is a testament to Heavy-K’s creative vision, aiming not only to entertain but also to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

‘Respect The Drumboss 2 (3-Step Edition)’ features some of South Africa’s most talented and prominent artists and beat maestros such as Ami Faku, Samthing Soweto, Nhlonipho, Thakzin and Aubrey Qwana to name a few.


  1. Kuningi: Heavy-K, Jey Charles featuring Essa Kay
  2. iKhandlela: Heavy-K featuring Matics N, Peakay-M, Don Scott
  3. Andikayeki: Heavy-K & Ami Faku
  4. Mngane: Heavy-K featuring ILoveLethu, Kozzi
  5. Ulele: Heavy-K, Samthing Soweto, Thakzin featuring Professor
  6. Kuwe: Heavy-K, MaWhoo featuring Mazet SA
  7. Khomita: Heavy-K, Aubrey Qwana
  8. Kwelizayo: Heavy-K featuring Mazet SA, Thakzin
  9. Madala: Heavy-K, Bekzin Terris feauturing Hypsoul
  10. Ndoda Mpini: Heavy-K featuring Tman Xpress, Afro Brotherz
  11. Jezabela: Heavy-K featuring MalumNator, Afro Brotherz
  12. Weekend: Heavy-K featuring Nhlonipho, Don De Guitaris

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