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Kaylow Unleashes War for You

Critically acclaimed soulful vocalist, Kelello Segoana, better known as Mzansi’s rising star Kaylow, has been winning over the hearts of music lovers since his notable debut Reach Out boasting smash hits Nothing Better, Greatest Love, A Cry for Love and the ever popular The Soul Café. After a long run following the success of Reach Out, and months in studio crafting new material for his upcoming sophomore album, Kaylow releases a new single that will light a flame in every relationship and start a war for love.

Penned by Kaylow and produced by DJ Tira War for You has all the makings of a signature hit single at the core of which lie Kaylow’s to-die-for vocals and emotive lyrics – yet it also shows us a side to Kaylow that places him as activist, on the side of love, to defend what is closest to his heart.

War is an extreme act and I feel that society has lost interest in a fight for love. Although it’s been a tough road for me to travel, with all of the life that exists within me, I still believe that love is worth going to war for”.

War for You embodies Kaylow’s differentiated approach to song writing that matches his undying passion to represent “the voice of love” through his music, which effortlessly resonates with music fans across the board.

Listen to Kaylow’s new single War for You here:

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