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Top 10 Maskandi Songs Of All Time

Ever since Maskandi music came about people who love and embrace it have done nothing but make best of it. At first the genre didn’t gain much recognition but as years went on people fell in love with it, it became one of the best genres to ever exist in South Africa. Like any other genre Maskandi is fast evolving and even people from other parts of the world grow to like the genre, it best details culture and tradition. It is defined as Zulu Folk music.

Below is a list of 10  maskandi songs that won the hearts of many South Africans over the years.



1.Shabalala Rhythm -Umaqondana

This is a 2003 song from the album titled Umaqondana. it was released under Gallo Record label.


2.Thokozani Langa – Savumelana


The song was released in 2007 and was one of the most downloaded Maskandi songs at the time. Thokozani received an awards for the album which included this hit song.

3.iKhansela – Ivila


This is the song by the late Maskandi Legend iKhansela, in most of his songs he features JBC and is called Ikhansela no JBC.

4.Mgqumeni – Izulu Liyaduma


5.Mroza – Syobulala uVan Damme



6.Izingane Zomah – Sivimbe Ngezansi



7.Khudu Culture Spears-Kulenyana


8.Mtshengiseni – Diona


9.Bhekumuzi Luthuli – Umlanjwane



10.Shwi NoMntwekhala – Wangsiza Baba



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