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Black Coffee Requests Paulo Coelho To Write A Book About his Life

DJ and Businessman Black Coffee has revealed that he is ready to tell the world about his life from the bottom to where he is now. The DJ has requested an award winning author Paulo Coelho who is a  a Brazilian lyricist and novelist to write his biography. Paulo has received numerous international awards. He is famous for his widely translated novel The Alchemist. The man is by no doubt best at what he does, he is now 69 years. Black Coffee tweeted to Paulo  “My entire life has been like something from a book. I’m ready to tell that story. How many retweets Paulo Coelho, sir, to write my story?” he asked. His request was shared over 2 000 times by fans.

Paulo Coelho responded by saying that he is currently busy but will follow up on him and they can discuss things further. He didnt give an exact answer of whether or not he will write the book or not but hopefully he will.”I am currently working on a book to be published by the end [of] 2018 but I will follow you and we can chat about it,” Paulo said in a tweet.


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