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Here Are 10 Things You Do Not Know About Naakmusiq

Here Are 10 Things You Do Not Know About The Famous South African Musician And Actor Naakmusiq

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  1. His real name is Anga
  2. He is Xhosa
  3. Anga is a Xhosa name meaning “wish”
  4. He was born in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth
  5. Naakmusiq is his stage name
  6. Naakmusiq is an acronym for the names of his family members
  7. He started acting on Generation in 2011
  8. He moved to Johannesburg with his mother when he was a kid.
  9. His love for music comes from his family
  10. Anga made it to the Top 6 of Sowetan’s Mazansi’s Sexiest 2013.


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