5 Music Genres That Only Exist In South Africa

5 Music Genres That Only Exist In South Africa! It all started back in the 19th century where people like Enoch Sontonga composed music that stole many South Africans hearts, from there a number of South Africans from different tribes or cultures composed and created their unique style in music and were recognized and loved by many. Music always played a vital part in the lives of South Africans back in the days. Now South Africa doesn’t only have the big five but also the best music genres that define who we are and make us stand out from the rest of the world.

Here are 5 music genres that you can never find anywhere else but South Africa.

1. Kwaito

Kwaito is a music genre that emerged in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the 1990s. It is a variant of house music featuring the use of African sounds and samples. Kwaito music is mostly sang in a slang language and some times accompanied by Pantsula dance.


Mbaqanga  is a style of South African music with rural Zulu roots that continues to influence musicians worldwide today. The style originated in the early 1960s.This one is sang by a group of people most cases older men.

3. Maskanda

Maskanda is a kind of Zulu folk music that is evolving with South African society. This one has the solid rhythm and beats and resembles Zulu culture.


Kwela is a penny whistle-based street music with jazzy underpinnings and a distinctive, skiffle-like beat.


Boeremusiek is an instrumental folk music. Its original intent was to be an accompaniment to social dancing at parties and festivals.

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