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Dube Brothers Release New Single ‘Blessed’

Sihle from the Dube Brothers speak more on their new single Blessed

Dube Brothers Release New Single ‘Blessed’ . The three sons of the renowned gospel star in SA Benjami Dube the Dube brothers have announced the release of their new single titled Blessed which is all about paying gratitude to God. The song is not a typical Gospel song instead it offers a different type of vibes that consists of hip hop elements but still falls under the Gospel category.

Sihle spoke more about the single of how it started and whose initial idea was it. “Mtho, he’s a producer and sound engineer so he came up with the beat and then he approached us with the beat and we then proceeded to do something about it. It was really a good sound to switch up the status quo of how Gospel music should sound like, for the young people especially. So yeah we just jumped on it, he wrote the basic skeleton of the chorus and then we just all jumped in and placed all of the other ideas, which included writing our own verses and that’s how the song came about.”

Sihle also went on to say that they weren’t nervous at the reaction towards the song from the public. “Anything that’s new, people will normally get skeptical about. Change, in general, brings an uncomfortable feeling for anyone but we knew that with us bringing this shift, there were going to be people who were going to feel some type of way about the song. But because we have been given a mission by God to take on the baton as young people, we decided to run with this baton and try to reach out to all the young people out there and to show them that God is diverse, God is not just fixed on one type of way of doing things. We are doing it the way God has instilled it within us.”

Their father love the song added Sihle, “My dad loves it, he feels it’s relevant, it’s needed. We’ve gotten approval from both our parents, especially our dad because he’s in the industry so his approval is quite pivotal for us. He heard the song and was quite impressed, he mentioned that we need this type of sound as he believes we’re going to win more souls with this type of approach.”

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