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Zakes Bantwini And DJ Bongz Challenge Each Other On Tarabha Dance

Watch the two musicians challenging each other on a Tarabha dance-off

Zakes Bantwini And DJ Bongz Challenge Each Other On Tarabha Dance. Zakes and Bongz gave fans quite a performance when they dance their shoes off challenging each other on Tarabha dance-off crown which seems like Zakes won at the Tarabha Dance-Off Championships. The event took place at the African Beer Emporium in Pretoria and judging by the video of the dance it sure was a lit show.

MCeeing the event was comedian and TV personality Tol Ass Mo. DJ Bongz aka Mr Gwara Gwara played a set while Zakes performed some of his hits, including the Tarabha collab with DJ Bongz

Bongz commented on his winning boasting that there was no way he wasn’t going to win. “I warned Bongz, there’s no way I wouldn’t win. Big-up to my brother and friend, DJ Bongz, he put on a good fight. There could only be one champ and I am delighted to be that champ. We are taking this dance-off to various cities, maybe he will snatch the title. Watch the space,” a beaming Zakes said.

Bongz did however congratulate Zakes and said he looked forward to winning the upcoming shows. The following shows will take place in Durban and Cape Town soon with the supporting acts that haven’t been confirmed yet.

Watch The Dance Off Taking Place Below:

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